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That's so Amazing

Really happy about that great stuff. I love to use because now not need many usb charger cable to use. Now one vire can use for easy and fast charge acces much simple and it's very useful. Thanks so much . And it charg 2x faster then normal cable's.

Great Convenient Charging System

Convenient reliable charging system, Have installed these magnetic buttons on all my various devices to alleviate the eventuality of a worn out ports. Cables are well made and should last a very long time. Very satisfied purchase.

Not Received

Hello, I have not received it yet

GloBright Universal Light-Up Cable Red

360 Charge cable

The 360 charge cable is just great. Charges soooo fast and great flexibility at the phone end. Only the delivery was pretty slow.,🤔

Statik 360 waste of money

Very slow charging, broke after 5 days

Magnetic Tips Pro
Xavier Allard

Magnetic Tips Pro

Haven't received order as of 30/1/2023.

Sorry but no go. I still have not yetmgot my order. Shirley North

Statik Glow

Love the color!! Works well - cute idea. Also love the 360 Cable. nICE TO CHARGE ALL IN ONE. tHX

Pure awesomeness

I've been looking for a product like this after my O-light head lamp showed up 3 yrs ago and had a magnetic charge cable. I thought, "I wish ALL companies would do this with their products! "
I saw the Ad for the Static 360 and pounced on it.
I literally had a bag full of charge cables from led lanterns, radios, rechargeable lighters, etc (I live off grid) . This product in my opinion is worth every inflated penny. I read many reviews on this before I bought them (I bought 3 units) and I dont understand how there were an by negative reviews, but to each their own, I love it. I will be purchasing more, one for every vehicle, and gifts for some family and friends. Right On Statik. Keep up the good work. 👍

Magnetic Tips Pro
Udo Valentin Schneider
einfach Super schnelle Ladung

Einfach Super schnelle Aufladung

Good length!

The 6' length is just right for chairside use.

Great Product

Very good service

Magnetic Tips Pro
Kenneth Broussard

Magnetic Tips Pro


They work great

Statik 360 | Universal Magnetic Charge Cable

Urban AirPods Case
Ryan Bougher
Great case!

I bought this and a cheaper silicon case off Amazon to compare and it was definitely worth the little extra money. The fit is perfect and it has a very high quality feel, I highly recommend.

Not worth the money

Ends do not stay intact. Will not purchase again

Haven’t received it yet

Magnetic Tips Pro
Svitlana Zhmur
Magnetic tip pro

I havent got it yet

Statik is bomb

Came fast and works great 👍

Best thing since sliced bread

Fantastic idea. Had to trim some of my case away, but this was worth it. At some point you wear away your contacts plugging in your charger day after day. Here, it's one and done!

Cables work great

Just received the 1 miter cables we like them so much we just ordered the 2 miter cables satisfied customer

a little diappointed

I purchased the 6ft pro for my bedroom. But wanted a shorter on for office and carI sent am emaol asking if they had 3 ft . They a message with a link , I was excited went to link and ordered the 3 ' cable. To my surprise the tips are differnt from the 6ft cable to the 3ft cable and they aren't interchangabe so sad will hsve to return them