Magnetic Tips
Magnetic Tips
Magnetic Tips
Magnetic Tips
Magnetic Tips

Magnetic Tips

Sale price$8.97
Style:Multi-Pack (1x Lightning 1x USB-C 1x Micro-USB)

Works with
Statik 360, GloBright and Snap-N-Charge

Got a Statik 360 Pro?

You need Magnetic Tips Pro


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  • Fits any phone and most other devices: It comes with three connectors: Lightning (Apple products), USB-C (new Androids and much more), and Micro USB (old Android models), or just 3x of the connector that you chose.
  • Compatible with STATIK products: The same magnetic tip you'll use for any STATIK product other than STATIK360 Pro. 
  • Protects your phone's charging ports: use your magnetic tips even when you're not charging your devices to protect the charging ports from dust and sand, making the devices last longer;
  • Super easy to use: just snap it and charge!

Customer Reviews

Based on 96 reviews
Best thing since sliced bread

Fantastic idea. Had to trim some of my case away, but this was worth it. At some point you wear away your contacts plugging in your charger day after day. Here, it's one and done!

Eric matteo

Love this

Katarzyna Karpinska

Magnetic Tips

Jimmy Pruit
Great idea

So easy to charge phone only issue is you have to make sure to buy more to go through the house or you will be pulling the little pin out a lot and my wife’s car it needs to be plugged in to use the map but other than that I love the ease of charging my phone. I got one for all my kids and their spouses

Derrick Kuznia

Magnetic Tips