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Love it but fragile

I love statik products! I have many of them
and i really like this multicharger, the design and how slim and portable and fast it is. However ainxe it is glass it is very easy to
I dropped it from my bedtable to the carpet and the glass cracked a bit on the front.
Since then, when I charge my phone and airpods it is perfect but if I try to charge my iwatch it gets so hot that a warning message appears in the phone.
Pity since now I need to use this charger and the iwatch cable together to charge all…

Looks great, however not easy to use. The push/slide trigger hard and requires more force to use. The additional attachment for more cards is not secure. I do not recommend this item

Works great

This is my 3rd order of this product. Best charger on the go

Only item that I purchased that I am not satisfied with is the statik wallet. The button to push out the bank/credit cards is really hard to use. It's not convenient at all. In

Nice for the Car , thanks

Fragile; difficult to handle. Magnetic charger likewise fragile.

Didn't work brand new and just received them today

Didn't work either one of them and just received them today


Your cables with the magnetic tips are about the best item that has come out in years. If I have to use the Internet this is what I will use. Don't ever close!!!

Could be better

Great idea, doesn't charge as fast as I thought it would and also only holds enough charge to do one phone. It stays connected if you are holding the phone whilst charging but if it is in my pocket or bag it comes off!!! I was looking forward to receiving it but I am disappointed with it.

Never received the order.

It's great 👍

The product is very much as advertised.

The charger is very durable but should have bought a longer cable 🙄 🙃.

Such bright colours! Great cable very strong pretty unbreakable will last for years

I have lost the tip so can't use

Good concept. Doesn't work well with an Android phone; simply does not connect well.

Slow and hot

Very slow in charging. My phone got very hot. It's a good idea but needs more work. My house mate also had the same problem also.

Second order!

I love this product, I've used those for over a year now and the only issue I had so far was to lose a cable or a tip, which is all on me LOL
Ordering more for my wife now, I recommend every chance I get!

Faulty magnet

I bought this 6ft cord had it for about a year and ring that is on the cord side of the adapter kept coming off. I stuck it back on and it seem to work but I got tired of taking the ring of the adapter on the phone side. I tried to glue it back on but my charging cord didn't work. How can I stop this from happening since I have the same cord at work?

Snap and Charge for IPhone

I bought two sets of this item and they didn’t hold a charge and the cord never stayed connected. You live and learn.

I like the design but…

I bought several of these and worked good at first then stopped charging and loses connection too much. I like the rotating head but not worth it if it won’t charge