Thank you for purchasing the DeltaShock Phone Case! Here you will find straightforward instructions on how to get the best of it!

Make sure you buy the correct model for your iPhone! Currently! We have cases available for iPhone 14 Pro/Pro Max and iPhone 15 Pro/Pro Max.

How to Install Your DeltaShock Case

  1. Ensure you have a clean workspace, free of any hazardous objects or items that could harm your phone.

  2. Unbox the DeltaShock phone case.

  3. Begin by inserting the right corner of the case onto the corresponding corner of your phone. Repeat this process for the left and top corners.

  4. Your case should now be securely fitted onto your iPhone.

  5. Check for any uneven sections. If found, gently press them down.

  6. Enjoy all the DeltaShock protection!