GloBright 編組 LED ケーブル

編組LEDケーブル | 100W ブリッツチャージ | USB-C

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Type:USB-C to USB-C

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カラフルで美しく、魅力的:この充電ケーブルの息づくような輝きは、間違いなく注目を集めるでしょう。 LED コードをご自宅や車のあらゆるスペースで使用して、デバイスを強化しながら非日常的な雰囲気を得ることができます。

高速充電:内部にインテリジェントチップを搭載したこのUSB-Cケーブルは、最大100Wの充電をサポートします。これは、Macbook、Macbook Pro、iPad Pro、Android スマートフォンを充電するのに十分な電力です。

超強力:この光るケーブルは、30,000 回の曲げやねじりに耐えられる耐久性のある金属ハウジングを備えた高級素材で作られています。


音楽、ファイルなどを同期:単なる充電ケーブルではありません。 Apple Carplay や​​ Android auto で使用したり、ラップトップから携帯電話に音楽を同期したり、あるデバイスから別のデバイスに最大 480 mb/s でファイルを転送したりできます。
警告: この製品は、癌や先天異常、その他の生殖障害を引き起こすことがカリフォルニア州で知られているビスフェノール A (BPA) を含む化学物質にさらされる可能性があります。詳細については、をご覧ください。

Customer Reviews

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Love it!! Cool and bright and beautiful!!

Updated review

Orders 2 USB c to USB c cables and received 2 USB c to lighting cables. The company does state that they do take a few days to respond to emails in which it did take a few days. Company is an online based company so it's understandable. They asked for pictures of the cords and I sent what they needed. Order was fixed with no hesitation. They did let me keep the 2 cables that were incorrect, so I'll try and find some friends or familyembers that may want them with an iphone.I received the correct cables today and they work as they should. in the middle of the cable there is a section that isn't as bright as the plug area which I believe is due to the length of the cable (6ft). I think 3ft might be better. I'd give the company 5* for helping out and probably a 3-4* for the shipping area I think maybe they were busy and just grabbed what they could without looking at the order and sent it.


Bought this as my new laptop charger. Really love it. We’ll see how durable it is in the coming months…

Hi, Israel! Thank you for your support and satisfaction with our products! 

We are delighted that you liked our offerings, and your positive feedback motivates us to continue delivering top-notch quality and service. 

Your appreciation means the world to us!


Stay away from this company. I ordered usbc to USBC cables. And received lighting cables. They don't pay attention to customers orders and grab anything they see fit. Ive been trying to get my cables exchanged for the correct ones only to be given the run arounds. They asked for all my info and pictures of items, when you send all that info they continue to as for those items. This company is horrible. I'll be contacting my card company for a refund

Hello, David! We apologize for the inconvenience this may caused you. One of our agents already shipped you the correct product. Please let us know if you need further assistance. Have a great day!

david hess

I ordered 2 USB-C to USB-C cables and received 2 USB-C to lighting cables. I also ordered them as they're advertised as 100w quick charge compatible. The back of the packaging says 27w quick charge compatible. I emailed STATIK to exchange these cables. I hope to hear back soon.