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Screen Protector & Privacy Screen

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  • Protect your passwords and PIN: Your screen magically becomes invisible from the side, so someone peering over your shoulder can’t see what you’re doing.
  • Keep family photos private: Don’t let strangers creep behind you for a sneak peek at your family photos and private images.
  • Scratch-proof: Not only a privacy boost. Private Purple is also one of the strongest screen protectors out there. It prevents damage to your screen from keys, falls, and more.
  • Drop resistant up to 6 ft: Even if you drop your phone, Private Purple stays tight and helps protect your phone from damage.
  • iPhone 3D Touch Compatible: Keep the full functionality of your phone without making sacrifices. Our smart screen protector is designed to work with all of the iPhone’s advanced features.
  • Watch home movies and videos in peace: Enjoy your favorite videos anywhere, even on planes, buses, and trains, without worrying about strangers invading your privacy.
  • 100% Guaranteed: Private Purple is guaranteed to be the best screen protector you’ve ever tried. Enjoy some privacy now!
  • 1-year warranty. The ultimate protection for you, your phone, and your passwords.

Customer Reviews

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Linus Elsener

Private Purple™ Screen Protector & Privacy Screen

Hello, Linus!

We're happy to help! Your satisfaction is truly our #1 priority.

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Phone cover

Do u make them for Android or e-readers ? You should have all kinds of sizes.

They're only available for IPhone yet, but we really appreciate your suggestion! Maybe we can come up with it in the near future. Thanks for purchasing with us :)

kelly broucek
Worked for a while on my iPhone

Just seem to not charge my phone unless it was a certain way on the cord and that kind of got irritating

Hi, Kelly! We sent you an email to help you with that :)

Screen protector

I hope you add more phones to the list. Not all of us have an iphone! I do want to get one for my AMS/Android. Love the purple color & the screen protector(if dropped ) & hides passwords etc. Please make for other models & I know that a lot of other phone styles would sell like hotcakes! Thanks & god bless.

Thanks for your feedback, Nikoal! We'll certainly consider that for the near future!


Why don't you sell them for other phones? Not just iPhone. I have galaxy s22.