How To Use Your New Statik Wallet

  1. Simply stick the cards into the top of the wallet. You can take up to 6 non-embossed cards or 5 embossed cards in it.
  2.  To access the cards, use your thumb to press up on the button and all cards will slide up. Do not press in, nor squeeze the button - make sure you are just sliding it up.
  3. To use the elastic strap as a cash band, simply slide it over the wallet and centralize it. You can add the cash underneath the strap.
  4. To make more room for other cards, after you have the elastic band already set over the wallet, slide the back plate under it. You can add up to 9 credit cards underneath the plate. 


Tips For Troubleshooting Your Statik Wallet

 You will need this only if a card gets stuck inside the wallet or if there is any other issue with it. We don't recommend you to open it if you don't have anything wrong with the wallet.

  1. Using the included driver, start by unscrewing the screw closest to the button. This is the smallest screw, make sure you set it aside.
  2.  Keep unscrewing the other screws until you have taken all of them out
  3. push the wallet button up and take the top plate out
  4. To put the plate on again, push the button up and slide the top plate into its original position. You'll know you have it in the right position when you hear a snap and you can not move the plate around anymore.
  5. Screw all the screws back again, begging with the smallest one.

If you have any difficulties, please reach out to our Customer Service Team!