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Batteria portatile da 20.000 mAh | Potenza 65 W | Multiporta

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Mantieni carichi i tuoi dispositivi ad alta potenza mentre sei in movimento!

Ultimate Charger è un dispositivo portatile che fornisce energia sufficiente per caricare il tuo laptop e altri dispositivi ad alta potenza. La capacità di 20.000 mAh ti consente di caricare completamente il tuo laptop o caricare il tuo smartphone 7 volte. La ricarica MultiPort significa che avrai sempre a disposizione un cavo in grado di ricaricare la batteria. Il design sottile e pronto per il viaggio presenta una custodia in metallo ultra resistente e un indicatore LED della durata della batteria

  • EROGAZIONE DI POTENZA DA 65 W : fornisce energia sufficiente per caricare un laptop alla massima velocità
  • ENORME CAPACITÀ DI 20.000 mAh : carica il tuo smartphone 7 volte o una ricarica completa per il tuo laptop
  • RICARICA MULTIPORTA - Utilizza una porta USB-C, Lightning o MicroUSB per ricaricare la tua Ultimate Charge
  • CORPO IN METALLO SOTTILE E RESISTENTE - Si adatta facilmente alla valigetta, alla custodia del laptop o allo zaino
Dimensioni: 6,38 x 4,17 x 0,57, 1,05 libbre

    65W Fast Charging Power Bank Airplane Friendly

    Keep your laptop charged around the neighborhood or across the globe! Ultimate Charger has the power and capacity to keep all your devices juiced.

    Charge Up To 3 Devices At Once

    Charge Your Smartphone, iPad and other devies at the same time. Ultimate Charger features a 65W USB-C port and 2 15W USB-A ports.

    Rapid Recharge Gets You Back To Work & Play Faster

    Use the USB-C port and go from 0 to 100% charge in as fast as 1.25 hours. Don't have a USB-C cable? Use the Micro-USB or Lightning ports to recharge the Ultimate Charger from 0-50% in 5.5 hours.

    Wide Compatibility For All Your Devices

    Ultimate Charger can keep all your daily devices juiced including laptops, smartphones, iPads, headphones, gaming consoles, and more.

    Safe, Durable & Travel Friendly

    The slim metal casing of the Ultimate Charger fits easily into your briefcase, laptop bag, backpack or purse. The integrated smart chip selects the right power to prevent damaging your devices from overcharging.


    The charging times vary depending on the type of cable and power adapter. When using a 65W power adapter and the USB-C port, the charge time from 0-100% can be as fast as 1.25 hours. When using the Lightning or Micro-USB port, the charge time from 0-100% can be as fast as 11.5 hours. To optimize charging time, use a USB-C cable with up to a 65W power adapter.

    While charging two devices at once, the maximum power output is limited to 15W per port to prevent the device from overheating. Most laptops require at least 65W of power to recharge their internal battery so you would need to disconnect your phone until you are done charging your laptop.

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    Lost on delivery. Promised replacement. Let’s see!

    Hello Kerri, thank you for your feedback. One of our team members will be in contact with you to ensure you receive the replacement. :)

    An Apple adapter stopped working

    The Apple or lightning adapter stopped working. The cable worked with the other adapters. And the device could be charged with a dedicated Apple charging cord.

    Hello! We're sorry to hear about the issue you encountered with the Statik cable adapters. We encourage you to contact us directly at By reaching out to us directly, we can assist you further and, if necessary, issue a replacement. Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention, and we appreciate the opportunity to resolve it for you.


    Outstanding! Love it so far!

    Hi, Jahmal! Thank you for taking the time to share your positive feedback with us!

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    Love it

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    Amazing portable charger. Works as expected. Will be getting another!

    Hi, Will! Thank you for your positive feedback and for being satisfied with our products! 

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