It’s so light and easy to take with you that you’ll never run out of battery again

This is one of the most well-designed gadgets you will ever see. It weighs just 60 grams – that’s about as much as a handful of nuts. You can easily take it anywhere with you connected to your devices or even in your pocket.


It works with every device you own – and every kind of phone

Unlike other power banks that are stuck with one kind of adaptor, the Snap-N-Charge comes with 3 different adaptors that attach with a safe, high-power magnet. Charges Android, iPhone, Tablets, PS and Xbox controllers, Windows, Linux, Apple, Samsung, Motorola, Lenovo, LG, and more.


It lets you charge your device – and keep using it

The Snap-N-Charge has a convenient design that stays out of the way while you work or play. The strong magnetic connection stays tight, even if you’re sliding your phone into your pocket or shaking a controller while you charge it up.


It charges devices super fast

Whether you’re charging up a phone, tablet, or controller, you want to get back in action fast. Plus, it quickly refills its charge when you’re done, so you’re not stuck waiting by the outlet while everyone else is having fun without you.


People are loving it

Snap-N-Charge was developed to fix the biggest complaints about the usual portable chargers. People are raving about how much they love their new portable charger. And more importantly, it’s extremely safe, preventing your phone from overheating! It’s made with such high-quality materials and smart technology that it feels premium, even though it’s super affordable. You can easily stock up and keep one in your bag, office, and car, so you’ll never run out of power when it really counts.


Small Powerhouse

The Snap-N-Charge is the smallest charger I have seen. Really easy to carry and use. Great for charging my phone and wireless metal detector headphones wherever I am. Very happy with the unit and definitely recommend it!

Bob C.


Got 2 of them less than 3 weeks ago. Easy to use. Compact. What I love about it, is the ease of connecting. Charging starts immediately. Easy to read level of battery charge left. Versatile. Gave one to a relative to use at work. Loves it. So elated.

Jamil Shaikh

Awesome product

I LOVE Snap-N-Charge so far. I always carry it in my pocket, anywhere I go. Honestly, the only power bank that can do that, and at the same time: it charges super fast. You just have to snap it for a few minutes and you'll have a good battery boost on your phone.

Andrew T.

And if you’ve ever run out of battery at a bad time, you already know that this thing could be a lifesaver.


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